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Bubbly Belle

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From Bubbly Belle...

Homemade bath bombs use only the finest natural ingredients, and each one contains a surprise premium ring inside!

  • Each bath bomb is 6 ounces and contains a surprise ring inside.
  • Rings are adjustable to fit most.
  • Just draw a warm bath, drop your bath bomb and enjoy.
  • Find your surprise ring and reveal its value by entering in your unique code.


  • DeStress - Is life a little too crazy? Then, you need De-Stress in your life. Soak away your problems with lavender, lemon, and orange pure essential oils, and take in the rich aroma of black raspberry vanilla.
  • Heal - Treat yourself to pure relaxation with our all-natural Heal bath bomb. Soak up the amazing blend of peppermint, orange, and lavender pure essential oils with aroma of patchouli aquamarine.
  • Sleep - Stop counting sheep with our all-natural Sleep bath bomb. Our unique blend of lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint pure essential oils, combined with the meditative aroma of nag champa, will have you easing into your night peacefully.
  • Mellow - Mellow out in your tub with our all-natural Mellow bath bomb. Soak up the amazing blend of lemon, lavender, and orange pure essential oils, and breath in the sandalwood silk aroma.
  • Lavender - Experience the love of lavender with our all-natural Lavender bath bomb. Calm your spirit, body, mind, and soul thanks to the therapeutic qualities of pure lavender essential oil with a whisper of jasmine.
  • Bliss - Bring bliss to your bath with our all-natural Bliss bath bomb. Soak up the amazing blend of orange, lavender, and lemon pure essential oils with a whisper of black raspberry vanilla.
  • Balance - Transform your bath into an inner sanctuary with our all-natural Balance bath bomb. Soak up the lovely blend of orange, lavender, and peppermint pure essential oils combined with the fresh fragrance of sandalwood silk.
  • Lemon Drop - Seasonal bath bomb! Available for a limited time. - BOOST YOUR ENERGY! Feeling groggy? Add a Lemon Drop bath bomb to your bath to put some pep in your step!
  • Lime Zest - Seasonal bath bomb! Available for a limited time. - That famous lime scent will fill the room with an energizing aromas you soak your blues away!


WEIGHT: 7 ounces