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DC Holiday Soap

Duke Cannon Supply Co.

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From Duke Cannon Supply Co…

  • Superior grade product weighs in at a hefty 10 oz. and has steel-cut grains for maximum grip. 
  • 3x bigger than common, dainty soaps and these last much longer!

The rectangular “brick” shape and large size of Duke Cannon’s Big Ass Brick of Soap was inspired by the product issued to G.I.’s during the Korean War. 

Featuring six different varieties with scents that men actually like and packaged in keepsake boxes to be cherished for weeks, these limited edition soaps bring great-smelling holiday cheer to any stocking, White Elephant exchange, or gift-giving occasion. 

  • Triple-milled for superior quality.
  • Never tested on animals!
  • Inspired by Soldiers, Benefiting Veterans! - 5% of Duke Cannon's net profits benefit veterans and active duty military. (K9s for Warriors, Honor Flight, Green Beret Foundation, Fisher House, etc.)
  • Made in the USA. by humans, not elves!
  • May encourage mischief and/or general tomfoolery!

Available scents:

  • Big Ass Lump of Coal 

    Legend has it St. Nick used to reward misbehaving children with bundles of twigs, bags of salt, and strings of garlic. Considering these alternatives, a lump of fossil fuel doesn't sound half bad.

    Duke Cannon honors this tradition with his Big Ass Lump of Coal Soap - a premium soap formulated with activated charcoal and featuring the masculine scent of bergamot and black pepper. It's the best way to clean up after mischief and shenanigans. 

  • Illegally Cut Pine

    Avoid the sad stench of artificial flame retardant and indulge in the freshest scent of the season with Duke Cannon’s Illegally Cut Pine Soap.

    This large, 10 oz. soap features an invigorating aroma inspired by the fresh scent of Illegally Cut Pine, a practice we wholeheartedly discourage but imagine smells pretty nice. Avoid the misdemeanor trespassing charge and embrace the freshest scent of the season.  

  • Frothy the Beer Man

    Frothy the Beer Man was always full of cheer. With two ice cold mugs and a big ‘ol keg, he preferred to share his beer.”

    Share the best stocking stuffer of the season when you give the Frothy The Beer Man Soap. This large 10 oz. soap is made with beer, but it doesn’t smell like it. It has a woodsy, sandalwood scent that most men and women find mighty appealing.

    The perfect gift for any fellow who enjoys the occasional drink and/or the occasional shower.

  • Rudolph's Night Cap

    "Rudolph was rather warn out from guidin' Santa's sleigh all night. So, The Big Man and Rudolph threw back a few shots post-flight."

    Rudolph works hard during the holidays. He deserves a few minutes of respite after a long day, so we’ve created Rudolph’s Much Deserved Night Cap, a festive soap with the scent of toasted cinnamon and antique wood that compliments his favorite nightly beverage of cinnamon schnapps.

  • Mall Santa's Cough Syrup

    Duke Cannon isn't a big fan of wearing costumes, but he'll make an exception around the holidays. Like in December of '03 when Kris Kringle's local stand-in stumbled up to the mall with his beard askew and a case of the brown bottle flu. Duke Cannon booted that cotton-headed ninny-muggins from his throne of lies, and proceeded to don St. Nick's uniform himself, saving a cherished holiday tradition and countless youngsters from a sleigh-load of childhood trauma. Scent is peppermint.

  • All-Brandy Homemade Eggnog

    Every year Duke Cannon aims to make holiday spirits bright for his guests before they roll into town. Dragging the decorations down from the attic, scaling the roof to string lights across every eave and dormer, and finally, preparing his homemade eggnog — this being the annual favorite of his brother-in-law Gary, who usually ends each night of his over-extended stay with multiple helpings of no egg, no nog, just a two-finger pour of brandy. Smells like toasted nutmeg and musk.

BOX DIMENSIONS:  2.8"W x 5"L x 1.5"D