Tyler Mixer Melts

1.9 oz Mixer Melts

  • From Tyler Candle Company 
  • Scent melts can be used alone or they can be mixed (up to 6 fragrances) to create a unique scent.
  • Great for Powder Room, Sitting Room, Offices, Classroom, Homes, and more. 
  • Hand crafted and poured in the United States 
  • 6 bars per melt 
  • Can melt Mixer Melts in Tyler Candle Company's Radiant Fragrance Warmers or any melt warmer. 

Tyler Candles' special blend of soy and paraffin wax has produced one of the finest candles on the market. Tyler uses only the finest quality waxes and opulent fragrance oils available to create the ultimate aroma experience. Each candle is hand-poured, ensuring even burning and maximum fragrance saturation, guaranteed to fragrance a room in minutes! 

DIMENSIONS: 4" x 5" x 0.5"
WEIGHT: 2.3 ounces

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