Car-Pourri Odor Eliminator


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From Poo-Pourri...

Smell ya later! Leave funky fumes in the dust every time you put the pedal to the metal. Car~Pourri instantly refreshes stinky surfaces in your car with the scent of a fresh, cool breeze.

Car~Pourri eliminates 99% of car odors within 60 seconds and uses a refreshing essential oil blend to leave your car smelling like that windows down, cruising along the countryside, sun shining through the trees kinda feeling.

Spray on floor mats, cloth seats, carpets...anywhere your car interior is funky!

  • Car~Pourri uses Proprietary natural Funk Lock™ Technology neutralizes odor molecules so they never reach your nose.
  • Car~Pourri™ eliminates odor and leaves your ride smelling better than you found it– guaranteed. Scientifically proven to naturally eliminate 99% of odors (including cigarette smoke) in air & on fabric.


  • Fresh Air (Jasmine & Freesia) 
  • Fresh Cruise (Soft Gardenia, Lush Bamboo & Sharp Fruits) 

    DIMENSIONS: 1.9"W x 4.6"H x 1"D

    WEIGHT: 4 ounces