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Jubilee Collection

Michel Design Works

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From Michel Design Works...

What a whimsical collection of fruits and florals! The uplifting art of Jubilee is complemented by a fragrance which is just divine.

Scent: Dewy florals with musky amber and raspberry highlights


  • Jubilee Foaming Soap
DESCRIPTION: The generous size of our foaming soap proves you can offer great value without sacrificing quality. The soap contains shea butter and aloe vera for gentle cleansing and moisturizing.
Foamer: 17.8 fl. oz. / 530 ml liquid.

DIMENSIONS: 3"W x 7"H x 2.5"D

WEIGHT: 21 ounces


  • Jubilee Room Spray
DESCRIPTION: Change the ambiance of a room in an instant with our lusciously fragrant room spray. It comes in a silver metal container.

          3.4 fluid ounces /100mL

        DIMENSIONS: 1" in diameter x 5.4"H

        WEIGHT: 5 ounces