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Tooth Fairy Plushie

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Tooth fairies are a fun and unique way to keep that all-important lost tooth safe for the Tooth Fairy! Each tooth fairy features a pocket to safely store a lost tooth and, later, the money the Tooth Fairy leaves.

This is a great gift for little ones to play with before the Tooth Fairy visits and after the Tooth Fairy has gone.


  • Ollie, the Octopus 
  • Sera, the Seahorse 
  • Maribel, the Mermaid
  • Lovie, the Lamb
  • Woodsy, the Owl
  • Hannah, the Hippo 
  • Cassie, the Cow 
  • Misty, the Poodle 
  • Dino, the Dinosaur 
  • Alex, the Alligator
  • Melford, the Moose 
  • Princess Caroline 
  • Lacey, the Leopard 
  • Chance, the Rescue Dog 
  • Phil, the Fox 
  • Carson, the Colt 
  • Emerson, the Elephant 
  • Beth, the Bunny 
  • Max, the Puppy 
  • Drake, the Dragon 
  • Bruce, the Shark 
  • Trixie, the Unicorn
  • Llucky, the Llama 
  • Griffin, the Black Bear
  • Slim, the Dachshund