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At Babaloo and Friends, we make wonderful stories come to life with our high quality books and toys, creating lifelong childhood memories full of play, nourishment, and loving family time. Time together, lasts forever.

  • Character books to be read to children from 18 months
  • Invites active participation
  • Enhances language development

  • Helps teach social behavior


  • BABALOO LOOKS FOR IS TEDDY BEARBababoo has lost his teddy bear! He’s searched high and low, in his playroom and in the garden, but he can’t find his favorite toy anywhere. Bababoo misses Teddy so much; he’s the perfect partner in hide and seek, or for going on lovely picnics with. Even spaghetti taste better when Teddy is there by his side. But just as Bababoo prepares to go to bed, there’s a surprise waiting for him.
  • LITTLE BUNNY PIPPA GETS DRESSED ALL BY HERSELFPippa Pippolina is so excited for visitors today! But, first, she has to get up and get dressed, so she can play with Bababoo, Elephant Lolo, and all her other friends. Rain boots and a raincoat make splashing in puddles so much fun. And then? There’ll be a delicious breakfast for all to share!
  • WILMA THE WHALE LOVES HER BATH - Little Whale Wilma Valenta loves water! Whether it’s a shower straight from an elephant’s trunk, a dip in a lake, or the open ocean … Oh, how Wilma misses the open ocean! That’s why little Lion Bababoo, Elephant Lolo, and her other friends are planning a trip for her. It’s going to be the most wonderful day by the seaside!
  • LITTLEMONKEY YUKI LOVES TO PLAY - What does Monkey Yuki love more than anything else in the world? Playing games! And playing with others is always more fun. Luckily, Lion Bababoo, Bunny Pippa Pippolina and all his other friends are coming to visit today. Yuki is already excited for all the games they’re going to play!
  • LITTLE WORM PLAYS HIDE-and SEEK - Peekaboo! Where is Little Worm hiding? He goes to see Bababoo in his room, hides in elephant Lolo’s kitchen, gives fairy bunny Pippa a kiss on the cheek when they go on a bus ride, peeps out of whale Wilma’s hat, and hides in monkey Yuki’s tree. But where is the nicest place for him to be? Where all the friends are, of course!                            Have lots of fun with this interactive fingerplay book, with holes you can stick your fingers through. For children from 12 months.
  • LET'S BE FRIENDS FINGER BOARD BOOKHi there! Little lion, Bababoo. is waving and all his friends are there, too. Fairy bunny, Pippa, is cheerfully waggling her ears, Wilma whale is splashing with her flippers, little monkey, Yuki, is swinging his legs, and elephant Lolo is trumpeting with his trunk. They all want to be your friends. Isn’t that wonderful?

AVERAGE DIMENSIONS: 6.75"W x 6.5"L x 0.65"D