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Add a seed packet to any greeting card! Make an impression with our eye-catching favor seed packets, featuring original designs in vibrant colors!

Seed packets are a great way to commemorate a special event such as flower seed wedding favors or a baby shower. We also offer memorial packets, thank you packets, and many other seasonal occasion packets. 

  • OH BABY - Wildflower...This sweet illustrated, craft-look, bouquet wildflower mix seed packet is perfect for welcoming that blooming little babe into the world. Use our packet as a gender-neutral baby shower plant favor for guests. Contains our Bouquet Wildflower Mix, which is easy to maintain and provides beautiful blooms—great for making floral arrangements.

  • Save the Butterflies - Milkweed...The Monarch Butterfly is on the brink of extinction, partially due to the lack of Milkweed plants—the only food monarch caterpillars eat. Use this eco-friendly seed packet to spread the word and help create natural monarch habitats along their migration routes! 

  • IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER - Poppy...The elegant remembrance poppy design and craft-look of this packet gives it a vintage feel. Use this Flanders poppy seeds packet as a favor or card to memorialize a passed love one. Poppies have historically been used as a flower of remembrance and your recipients can think of a loved one all throughout their blooming season. 
  • Pollinator Mix - Butterfly...Grow Good Things with our Pollinator Mix packet has a whimsical watercolor-style floral and butterfly art. This sweet, illustrated, kraft-look packet would be a thoughtful favor for the eco-conscious host! This wildflower mix provides nectar and pollen to honey bees, wild bees, hummingbirds, butterflies, and other pollinators.
  • LOVE BOUQUET - Wildflowers...The Bentley "LOVE" bouquet flower seed packet is a pretty pink envelope with the word "LOVE" and fun illustrated flowers and hearts. Our wildflower seed cards can be used for spreading love to anyone. Great for wedding showers, bridal showers, weddings, baby showers, friends, and parties.
  • THANK YOU - Pollinator Flower Mix...Thank your friends & family today & everyday with our exclusive, 70s-inspired flower-power seed packets on a green background. Filled with a dynamic pollinator-sustaining mix of beautiful flowers, your gratitude will flourish with every bloom.
  • THANK YOU - Butterfly Pollinator Mix...A simply delightful way to say “Thank You” to all of the people in your life who do so much for you, from family and friends to party guests to business partners and clients. You will also be showing your support for the beautiful pollinators who keep our gardens growing! These light purple packets with a butterfly shaped by wildflowers are filled with a mix of some of the pollinators’ favorite flowers, you are giving the gift of beauty and sustainability.
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Bee - Forget Me Not...A lovely way to celebrate a birthday with these pretty artistic packets! Ideal for birthday party favors, for tucking into a greeting card, and for slipping under a bow on a birthday gift.  Give the gift of joyful memories — the bright blue blossoms of Forget-Me-Nots bring joy to every gardener.
  • BEE KIND - Pollinator Wildflower Mix...A thoughtful way to support the honey and wild bees with a pretty garden filled with their favorite flowers. This sweet seed packet is a perfect delight to grow or to give, sharing an important message to remember to always “Bee Kind”! Keep the message moving forward by using these as a thank you or favor at all your special events.
  • Help the Hummingbirds - Pollinator Mix...Did you know that a flock of hummingbirds is referred to as a charm or a bouquet? Beautifully apt names that also describe this delightful seed mix carefully curated for its nurturing and beneficial pollen and nectar. Sure to deliver charming bouquets all season long! Share the love and present these pretty packets as a favor for all your special events!


  • Add an envelope holder and create Seed Packet Greeting Cards! A great added incentive for your customers to purchase seed packets. Our seed packets require no additional postage to send in an envelope! Seed Packet Greeting Cards!

    Envelopes size is 4” x 3.5” x 1.5”. Envelope size is standard A1.