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Honey Almond Collection

Michel Design Works

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From Michel Design Works...

 A striking black and white pattern, classic and stylish.

Scent: Sweet almond muddled with cherry, vanilla and honey


Handcare Caddy

DESCRIPTION: A silver-toned caddy holds our popular Foaming Hand Soap and rich Hand and Body Lotion together in one place, whether in the bath or the kitchen.
Very elegant, very convenient!

          Foamer: 17.8 fluid ounces/530 ml 

          Lotion: 8 fl. oz. /236 ml liquid

        DIMENSIONS: 6"W x 7.75"H x 3"D

        WEIGHT: 2 lbs, 2 oz.

Large Hand Cream

DESCRIPTION: Our soothing, luxuriously scented hand cream is a rich blend of moisturizing shea butter and other natural botanical ingredients. It's offered in a large tube tucked inside a decorative gift box.

         Lotion: 2.5 fl. oz. / 75 ml liquid



Foaming Soap / Napkin Set

DESCRIPTION: The set includes a caddy, one Foaming Hand Soap, and one package of Paper Hostess Napkins, making counters both neat and beautiful.

          Foamer: 17.8 fluid ounces/530 ml 

          Hostess Napkins: 15/pack

        DIMENSIONS: 4.75"W x 8.25"H x 4.25"D

        WEIGHT: 27 ounces

 Foaming Soap

DESCRIPTION: The generous size of our foaming hand soap proves you can offer great value without sacrificing quality. The soap contains shea butter and aloe vera for gentle cleansing and moisturizing.

          Foamer: 17.8 fluid ounces/530 ml 

        DIMENSIONS: 3"W x 6.75"H x 2.5"D

        WEIGHT: 21 ounces

Room Spray

DESCRIPTION: Change the ambiance of a room in an instant with our lusciously fragrant room spray. It comes in a silver metal container.

          3.4 fluid ounces /100ml

        DIMENSIONS: 1" in diameter x 5.4"H

        WEIGHT: 5 ounces