Cozy Wax Warmers and Tyler Mixer Melts! Great combo!



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From LippyClip...

LippyClips are lip balm holders that hold all standard-sized lip balms (like Chapstick and most other 0.15oz drug store lip balms).

The sturdy hardware easily clips to a keyring, purse hardware, backpack, keychain, etc. The lip balm won't fall out!

Available in ten designs:

  • Denim & Lace
  • Geometric Plaid
  • Gold Dots on Aqua
  • Pink Dahlias
  • Rainbows 
  • Patriotic Kisses
  • Patriotic Parade
  • Red Denim Stars
  • Patriotic Butterflies
  • Blue Denim Stars


WEIGHT: 1 ounce