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  • A great gift of for anyone who needs a token of inspiration or motivation
  • Each token comes in an organza bag and includes a story card.
  • Can be carried in a pocket, held, or placed on a desk, shelf, or windowsill
  • Perfect for any collector!
  • Give away for encouragement, a minor disappointment, graduation, new job, interview, any day!
  • MATERIALS: zinc


  • Bluebird of Happiness..."This little bluebird is special, so cheery and merry too; he's here for just one reason, to bring happiness to you! Just keep him close or carry him, enjoy each and every day; This little bluebird of happiness, will bring smiles along the way!" (DIMENSIONS: 1" long x 0.75"H)
  • Burden Bear..."I am not a fancy bear. I'm actually quite small; but I'm hear to take your burdens, I can actually take them all! I don't have all the answers, but I have faith, and you should, too; so keep me clos and know I care. I'm always here for you!" (DIMENSIONS: 0.75"W x 1.25"H x 0.5"D)
  • Coffee Cup..."The sun shines, the birds sing, oh, the possibilities the morning brings! Rise and grind! Start the day! Drink some coffee; be on your way. One or two cups of that special brew...drink it up and have a great day, too." (DIMENSIONS: 0.88"W x 0.75"H x 0.81"D)
  • Lucky Little Elephant..."I have a lucky elephant, and I want you to know, he's my good friend and companion wherever I go. His trunk is always pointed upwards and if ever I am stuck, he helps me get through anything, giving confidence and good luck. You may think I'm superstitious and maybe you're right, but to have my lucky little elephant brings me nothing but delight." (DIMENSIONS: 1" long x 5/8" high)
  • Lucky Duck..."I wish I was a duck; things would never run amok! Ducks are lucky, don't you think? They just dip their bills if they need a drink! When in need for someone to cover their back, well, they just give a little Quack!!! And who wouldn't want to be a ducky when the very name rhymes with Lucky! Oh, I guess I'm happy to be me...and I'll tell you why, you see, because even with a little luck, end of day, he's still a duck!" (DIMENSIONS: 0.75" long x 0.75" high)
  • Lucky Little Cardinal..."This little cardinal will bring good luck to you, with renewal and faith in all that you do. Find your life song, show gratitude each day; believe and have hope, the cardinal will lead the way." (DIMENSIONS: 1" long x 0.75"H)
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Jack-o-Lantern..."Carry this littler Jack-o-Lantern with you on Halloween night. Watch his face glow in the dark; bringing nothing but delight! When his face begins to glow, he'll bring good luck to you; lots of treats and lots of fun for sure the whole night through." (DIMENSIONS: 1.25"W x 1"H x 0.4"D)
  • Glow-in-the Dark Ghost..."Hey, Boo! Carry this ghost on Halloween night. His tiny glow is sure to delight. Ghostly Greetings just for you! A trick. A treat. Or even a boo! For spooky fun - for any reason, this ghost brings luck to you all." season! Coming in July!
  • Mighty Little Acorn..."From Humble beginnings, the mighty oak trees grow. They once were little acorns on the ground and in the snow. Just like the acorn, the potential is within you... Plant one in your pocket & make all your dreams come true." Coming in July!
  • Peek-a-Boo..."Knock, Knock, trick or treat! Who is hiding beneath this sheet? Whether a ghoul or a boy, you'll pick the perfect disguise. With each visit door-to-door, you'll receive a sweet surprise. Just remember to always be kind and polite, as you enjoy collecting candy on a fun-filled Halloween night!"  Coming in July!
  • Christmas Cardinal..."If a cardinal should appear, a loved one is visiting to bring Christmas cheer. Your heart will know and, with a smile or a tear, a visitor from heaven will surely appear." (DIMENSIONS: 1.25"W x 1"H x 0.4"D)
  • An Apple for Teacher..."Learning seeds are planted each day, shaping our future in every which way. Thank you, Teacher, for helping us grow. You are more appreciated than you'll ever know." (DIMENSIONS: 1.5" in diameter x 0.75" high) 
  • BELIEVE IN POSSIBILITIES Dandelion..."The dandelion is a symbol of survival, this we know is true. Gentle, yet strong and resilient...the very definition of you. So, close your eyes, make a wish, and may blessings come your way. Keep this dandelion as a reminder to believe in possibilities each  day." (DIMENSIONS: 0.5"W x 1.5" high)  
  • MY GUIDING LIGHT Lighthouse..."A little lighthouse that is especially for you; a small symbol of thanks for help in seeing me through. Like a guiding light, you helped me find my way, giving me hope and courage as I faced each day. How fortunate I am that your strength shined through. I can now find my way with heartfelt thanks to you." (DIMENSIONS: 0.75" in diameter x 1.25" high) 
  • Pomegranate Blessings..."Pomegranates are an ancient symbol of abundance and productivity. They are also known to bless you with luck, health, and prosperity. It is said there are enough seeds to represent each day of the year. May this pomegranate bring you good fortune & to all you hold dear." (DIMENSIONS: 0.5"W x 1.25"H x 0.25"D) 
  • YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME Spinning Globe..."The world is a beautiful place because of you. It's the way you bring joy in everything you do. Your kindness and warmth brightens each and every day. Spin this globe and always know you're in my heart to stay." (DIMENSIONS: 1"W x 1.4"H) 
  • Happy Little Goat (3 colors)..."'Whatever floats your goat' is a simple phrase to say...a reminder to live joyfully every day. May this happy little goat be a special reminder, too, to be gentle, loving and kind and happiness will follow you." (DIMENSIONS: 1.25"W x 1.25"H x 0.5"D) 
  • Queen Bee..."A Queen Bee is fierce, courageous, and kind. She rules with her heart, her soul, and her mind. Her family is her kingdom. She provides guidance and love. There's no one else like her...She's our blessing from above." (DIMENSIONS: 0.6"W x 1"H) Coming soon!
  • God Bless America..."God bless America and all its people, too. May God watch over us in all that we do. Wave this flag wherever you may be, and always have faith in our Sweet Land of Liberty." (DIMENSIONS: 1"W x 1.25"H) 

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