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Pocket Charms


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From Ganz' Modern Florals Collection...

  • A great gift of for anyone who needs a token of inspiration or motivation
  • Each token comes in an organza bag and includes a story card.
  • Can be carried in a pocket, held, or placed on a desk, shelf, or windowsill
  • Perfect for any collector!
  • Give away for encouragement, a minor disappointment, graduation, new job, interview, any day!
  • MATERIALS: zinc


  • Bluebird of Happiness..."This little bluebird is special, so cheery and merry too; he's here for just one reason, to bring happiness to you! Just keep him close or carry him, enjoy each and every day; This little bluebird of happiness, will bring smiles along the way!" (DIMENSIONS: 1" long x 0.75"H)
  • Burden Bear..."I am not a fancy bear. I'm actually quite small; but I'm hear to take your burdens, I can actually take them all! I don't have all the answers, but I have faith, and you should, too; so keep me clos and know I care. I'm always here for you!" (DIMENSIONS: 0.75"W x 1.25"H x 0.5"D)
  • Coffee Cup..."The sun shines, the birds sing, oh, the possibilities the morning brings! Rise and grind! Start the day! Drink some coffee; be on your way. One or two cups of that special brew...drink it up and have a great day, too." (DIMENSIONS: 0.88"W x 0.75"H x 0.81"D)

WEIGHT: 1 ounce