Teacher Mini Clipboard


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From Ganz...

Bring the love and joy of teaching with these cute mini clipboards! The clipboard plaques feature various inspirational phrases about teaching or being a teacher. Each one is made of wood with a silver clip at the top.

Display these around the classroom on desks or bookshelves. Be proud to be a teacher! 

  • The clipboards feature phrases painted using bright pops of color and cute illustrations.
  • A kickstand is located on the back to display upright.
  • Clipboard measures 2.15"W x 3.25"H. 


  • Teach Love Inspire (with red hearts)
  • Teachers inspire tomorrow's dreams. (with globe)
  • In this classroom, you Are loved. (with open book and heart)
  • You are making a difference every day. (with yellow stars)
  • Teaching is a work of heart. (with apple)
  • Teachers give us wings to fly. (with butterfly)
  • Home Sweet Classroom (with apple and A+)
  • The influence of a good teacher can never be erased. (with pencil)
  • World's Greatest Teacher (with blue ribbon)
  • Teaching is love in its purest form. (with heart apple)
  • It takes a big heart to teach little minds. (with red hearts)
  • Teachers plant seeds that grow forever. (with red flower)

DIMENSIONS: 2.15"W x 3.25"H x 0.75"D