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SCENT: Extreme confidence and endurance required to obtain! Warm & romantic vetiver begins this amazing fragrance and then intensifies with the excess neroli, African marigold, and Moroccan cedarwood.


11 oz Jar Candle

  • Burn time of 50-60 hours (Based on a 1- to 2-hour burn time)
  • Great for Powder Room, Sitting Room, Offices, Classrooms
  • Two wicks (lead-free)
  • Burns evenly with maximum fragrance saturation.
  • Hand-crafted and poured in the United States

3 oz Jar Candle

  • 3 oz. Jar Candle
  • Great for powder rooms or small bedrooms!
  • Perfect for travel!
  • Set around bath for a spa experience!
  • One wick (lead-free)
  • 20-25 hour burn time (based on a 1- to 2-hour burn)
  • Hand-crafted and poured in the United States
  • DIMENSIONS: 3" diameter x 1.5" tall
  • WEIGHT: 7 ounces

Autoglam Auto Air Freshener

  • Glamour on the go! Quickly transform your vehicle into a rich and luxurious aroma experience.
  • Tyler Candle Company has remastered their most popular car accessory to make it even better.  The all new gold-on-white Autoglam has twice the fragrance to last even longer!
  • Perfect for your car, truck, or office. Even a closet!
  • Great when you need to fragrance an area and cannot use a candle.
  • Comes with a black elastic hanging cord
  • DIMENSIONS: 3"W x 7"L x 0.2"D
  • WEIGHT: 1 ounce

Mixer Melts

  • High quality wax melts
  • Use these glamorous melts alone or "mix it up" by combining two or more fragrances (the more indulgent Tyler Candle fans can mix up to 6 fragrances!) Due to the high grade of fragrance used, you can't go wrong! When melted the fragrances will blend, creating a unique scent.
  • These small melting blocks or tarts come in luxurious Tyler scents. Simply add them to your Mixer Melter, Radiant Fragrance Warmer, or Scentsy Warmer. Heat the Mixer Melts for 30-60 minutes until the wax has completely melted allowing your favorite scent to last for hours. 
  • Hand-created in the USA!
  • DIMENSIONS: 4" x 5" x 0.5"
  • WEIGHT: 2.3 ounces